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Zanim kupimy okno dachowe, należy się zastanawiać nad planem wewnętrznym i zewnętrznym domu, nad ergonomią oraz nad tym, jak uzyskać najwięcej światła przez okna. Światło dzienne należy do podstawowych potrzeb człowieka i każdy z nas zawsze reaguje na nie pozytywnie. Mamy wtedy więcej energii, uczymy się szybciej i obniża się nasza skłonność do chorób wywołanych przez stres. Uzyskanie jak największej ilości światła na poddaszu jest więc inwestycją w sferę ludzką.

Aby uzyskać maksymalną ilość światła, należy wziąć pod uwagę następujące czynniki:

  • rozmiar okien dachowych
  • liczba okien dachowych
  • usytuowanie okien dachowych
  • forma okładziny wewnętrznej


Same window area = More daylight

Bigger windows of course admit more daylight, but it is also worth considering more smaller windows as a better overall effect can be achieved (see above).

  • Using one roof window would allow daylight to light approximately 46% of this room.
  • Using two roof windows with a combined total surface area of the previous window would allow daylight to light approximately 48% of this room.
  • Four roof windows with the same combined total surface area distributed more evenly would allow daylight to light approximately 65% of this room!

Light up your attic

Correct lining for maximum light

You can also admit more light into the room by using the correct lining. If the lining is vertical below the window, and horizontal above the window, you allow more light to enter the room.


Correct lining for free circulation

Correctly splayed reveals allow more light to enter the room.
Incorrectly splayed reveals trap warm air and may cause condensation. Correctly splayed reveals trap warm air to circulate freely around the room.


Fitting roof windows to rafters

Before deciding on a particular size of window, the structural integrity of the roof should be considered fully. Most roofs can be adapted to take roof windows but some engineered trusses should not be cut without a proven solution. If you have any doubts which beam to cut we recommend professional advice is sought before commencing work.


Outlook of the house

In addition to internal light and design, you should also consider what visual impact the roof windows will have on your house from the outside. Please consider the roof windows’ position in relation to existing windows in the house. Then try to balance the need for internal light with the external architecture. By doing this your roof windows will look elegant from the outside and perform according to your needs on the inside.

Snow Guard

Using snow guard above your roof window(s) is always recommended to prevent permanent damage.


Steeper Pitch: Longer Window.

A roof window should always be placed in the correct height and have the correct size to suit your specific needs.

Choosing the correct window size has to do with the roof pitch on your house. If you have a low roof pitch you need a larger roof window height to have the same view as in a house with a steeper roof pitch. A general rule is therefore that “the lower the pitch of the roof, the higher the roof window”.

In addition to the size of the roof window you should also consider in which height to install the roof window. It is important that most occupants in the house have a clear view out the window.

There is no one single “correct” window size or window placement. The window should always be placed for the convenience and functionality of the users, and this can vary according to the conditions.

For the same view, a shallow pitch roof requires a taller window than a roof with a steeper pitch.


Choose an appropriate blind

Before buying a blind you have to think about why you need a blind in order to decide which blind type best suits your needs. On the picture you can see the effect of each blind on light and warmth.


Wear suitable protective equipment during installation. You can normally complete the installation of a roof window from the inside of the house, and scaffolding is therefore not considered necessary. However, as with all construction there is a risk that objects might be dropped from the roof (hammer, tiles etc). We therefore recommend that you never leave any object resting on the external face of the roof, and that any area at risk should be sectioned off to minimize the risk.
It is recommended that you wear safety masks and goggles, when cutting any internal materials in the roof or when cutting tiles. Furthermore it is also suggested using temporary support battens whilst placing the window frame.

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10 year guarantee

Altaterra Ltd., company number 08-09-013626, Malom köz 1, 9431 Fertöd, Hungary (“Altaterra”) provides a 10-year guarantee on its window and flashing products. Below please find the terms of the guarantee.

I. Duration and Coverage of the Guarantee

Altaterra grants the end-user(1) a ten-year guarantee for all of its roof windows (excluding cold room windows) including panes and flashings.
Altaterra grants the end-user a two-year guarantee on cold room windows, blinds and sun-screening accessories. The guarantee applies to the aforementioned products that have been delivered to the first end-user(2) after 1 May 2012.

II. Commencement of the Guarantee

The guarantee period commences when the new product is delivered to the first end-user.If the end-user is unable to document the time of delivery, Altaterra reserves the right to determine the commencement of the guarantee on the basis of documentation rendering the production date probable.

III. Extent of the Guarantee

The guarantee covers defects(3) due to material, production or structural faults(4).Where valid complaints are made during the liability period, Altaterra’s liability will be limited to free delivery of a new equivalent product or component. Altaterra is, however, entitled to remedy defects where a remedy in Altaterra’s opinion can be made properly. Altaterra does not assume liability for costs of dismantling the old product, processing a new product, installing a new product, or similar costs.OTHER THAN AS EXPRESSED IN THESE TERMS, ALTATERRA SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS, COSTS, EXPENSES INCURRED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY THE END-USER AND SHALL NOT OTHERWISE BE LIABLE TO PAY DAMAGES OR COMPENSATION.
ALTATERRA DOES NOT ASSUME LIABILITY FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE AND LOSS, OR PRODUCT LIABILITY OTHER THAN WHAT MAY FOLLOW FROM MANDATORY LAW.Altaterra does not exclude or limit its liability in negligence for death or personal injury, or for fraud or wilful default, or otherwise insofar as any exclusion or limitation of its liability is void, prohibited or unenforceable by law.The providing of replacement products or components or repair shall not extend the original guarantee period.

IV. Written Complaint

To invoke this guarantee, the end-user shall lodge a written complaint within the guarantee period(5) with the dealer from whom the product was purchased or – if this is not possible – with Altaterra within one month after the end-user discovered or ought to have discovered the defect.

V. Non-coverage

This guarantee does not cover: Any discolouration of non-visible parts, change of colour and fading caused by the sun/condensation/acid rain/salty splashes or any other conditions with corroding or material changing effect, any discolouration or deterioration in the wood due to failure to sand and re-varnish the wood at least every two years, knots in the wood, natural variations in the colour of the wood as well as aluminum and steel and slight imperfections – including colour variations in the pane – that do not materially decrease the view or any other similar conditions, irrespective of whether these may be designated as defects. Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover any defects or damage as a direct or indirect result of: a) faulty installation, i.e. installation made contrary to the installation instructions or (in the absence of such instructions) contrary to good craftsmanship, b) installation outside the recommended installation areas, c) faulty operation or misuse, d) neglect of maintenance as described in the directions for use or (in the absence of such directions) neglect of usual maintenance, e) use of incompatible spare parts or accessories (e.g. power supply), f) transportation or any other form of handling, g) product modifications, h) force majeure i) other defects or damage that are not due to material, production or structural faults, whereas the preceding enumeration is not exhaustive.

VI. Miscellaneous

In addition to this guarantee the applicable mandatory rules of law apply. This may have the effect that on some points the end-user’s rights might be better than those indicated in the present guarantee. The guarantee does not limit the rights that the end-user may have towards any dealer from whom the end-user purchased the product. This guarantee shall be construed and governed by Hungarian law.

VII. Notes – Supplementary Explanations

Note 1.
“End-user” means the natural or legal person who owns the product and has not acquired it with a view to reselling or installing it in the course of a business.

Note 2.
“First end-user” means the end-user, who first acquires the product from Altaterra, a dealer or any other natural or legal person reselling or installing the product in the course of a business.

Note 3.
The guarantee may be invoked in case of a defect according to the scientific and technical knowledge at the time of the beginning of the guarantee period. The cause of the defect has to be present at the same time.

Note 4.
Any deviations between the standards valid at the purchase time (including for instance standards that form the basis of the CE-marking) and the (lawful) appearance of the product according to the relevant standards valid at the time of production are not included in defects or faults covered by the guarantee.

Note 5.
It rests with the end-user to document that the guarantee period is not expired

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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

How do we use cookies?

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Altaterra Kft. respects and protects your privacy. Altaterra, is responsible for collecting, storing and processing of your data. We use your information to improve our products and gather information that could help us improve our websites. Some information we ask you for directly, but other information is collected automatically. The personal data you provide to Altaterra Kft. will be stored on a server in Europe and will be processed in compliance with local legislation.

The purpose of personal data processing

The personal data you provide to Altaterra Kft. and data collected on our digital platforms will be used for the purpose of enhancing consumer insight and driving relevant communication and offers across all touch points you may have with our company. Data may also be used for product development.

Who has access to your personal data?

Only trusted employees of Altaterra Kft. (or our data processors) are granted access to your personal data for the purpose of processing your data in conformance with the aforementioned purposes. Altaterra Kft. will not disclose your personal information, including your email address, to any third party. Furthermore, Altaterra Kft. does not give other companies access to your registered information.

The personal data submitted by you or collected by Altaterra Kft. may be shared with any third party, court, government body, regulator, law enforcement office or any other applicable authority, if mandated due to legal or regulatory requirements.


Altaterra Kft. will send you marketing and service messages and offers via e-mail, SMS or other relevant channel via the contact details provided by you.

Deletion of your personal data and consent withdrawal

If you no longer wish to receive this kind of communication, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the link in the e-mail or follow instructions in SMS.

You are, at any time, entitled to request a description of what data Altaterra Kft. stores on you, if you send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your data will also be deleted if it has not been used in a period of 6 months, if your profile has been inactive or if the data cannot be used for the purpose you accepted when providing us your data.

Amendments to this Privacy Statement and Consent to Use of Data

Altaterra Kft. may, at its discretion, revise and update this Privacy Statement and Consent to Use of Data from time to time. Revised versions will be posted on the internet. Altaterra Kft. therefore advises you to read our Privacy Policy regularly.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Altaterra at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on January 2018

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Dakstra Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Our Blackout blind excludes light totally – turning day into night on demand.This exceptional design has all the hallmarks of quality, both as to materials and operating simplicity.

Design and Quality:

  • A hard-wearing, dirt-resistant combination of polyester and lightproof rubber fabric.
  • The fabric slides inside a slim profile aluminium frame.
  • An easy to use mechanism allows multi-positioning of the blind, giving simple control of light in the room.
    Provides varying levels of brightness down to 100% blackout.
  • Almost 100% blackout effect
  • High quality polyester cloth
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Stops in every position
  • Easy to install – it takes only 10 minutes following the installation instructions
  • Perfect fit to our roof windows – no adjustments required
  • Available in all roof window sizes
  • 2 year guarantee
  • DUR 4219 Beige Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4212 Dark Blue Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4208 White Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4217 Grey Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4232 Petrol Blue Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4213 Red Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4233 Yellow Blackout Blind

  • DUR 4249 Black Blackout Blind


The roller blind is a simple blind that softens the light if it gets too strong during the summer.


  • Scandinavian design
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit – no adjustment required
  • Perfect for dimming the light
  • The fabric is hard wearing and dirt resistant
  • The fabric is 100% translucent polyester
  • Aluminium top profile
  • Available in dark blue and beige
  • RHR Beige Blackout Blind

  • RHR Blue Blackout Blind


Filtered Light. Our Venetian blind allows excellent sunlight control with that classic and stylish Venetian effect. It is made of aluminum, so you can use it in the bathroom for greater privacy and shade. It’s a stylish and classical way to gain total control of the amount and direction of light in a room

  • Perfect fit with our roof windows
  • Easy to install in only 5 minutes
  • Humidity resistant, lacquered aluminum slats
  • Stops in any position
  • Classic Venetian effect
  • Neat, cordless operation
  • Ideal for humid environments
  • 2-year guarantee

Our venetian blinds fit Dakea, VELUX® (including new generation – V22), FAKRO®, Optilight®, Keylite®, Starlite®, RoofLITE®, DAKSTRA®, roof windows. VELUX and the VELUX brand are registered trademarks of VELUX Group. FAKRO and the FAKRO brand are registered trademarks of FAKRO Group. Optilight and the Optilight brand are registered trademarks of FAKRO Group. Keylite and the Keylite brand are registered trademarks of the Keylite Group. Starlite and the Starlite brand are registered trademarks of the Keylite Group. DAKEA, DAKSTRA, RoofLITE have registered trademarks of the ALTATERRA Ltd.

  • par1

  • Par 2

  • Par 3


The awning blind is specifically designed to reduce the heat in the room. The awning blind is external, which means that the heat is diffused before it hits the pane, reducing the heat entering your room without completely removing the light.

The awning blind is made from a special cloth, which also helps soften the light in the room without actually blocking the view.


  • Perfect fit to our roof windows – no adjustments required
  • Externally fixed to the top of the roof window
  • Easy to install – only 4 screws to be fixed in predrilled holes
  • Great design – the blind is barely visible
  • The cloth is designed to keep the heat out and let the soft light in
  • The cloth is UV and water resistant
  • Very easy to operate the blind from the inside
  • While using the blind, you can easily open the window and let the air in
  • The cloth is 2 cm wider than the pane – more protection with an open window
  • par1

  • Par 2

  • Par 3

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Product Maintenance

Product Maintenance

Roof Windows


A roof window demands very little maintenance – just the ordinary cleaning of the pane and a yearly re-lacquering of the wood if installed in rooms with a high level of humidity. All roof windows rotate up to 165 degrees to facilitate easy cleaning of the external pane.

You can also clean the wood with hot soapy water, but please note that frequent cleaning may increase the need for re-lacquering the wood.


There is only little maintenance on a roof window, but to ensure proper function and long durability we recommend that you do the following on an annual basis:

  • Re-lacquer the window. The need for re-lacquering depends on the humidity in the room. You can use any type of water-based lacquer – but please make sure it is applied evenly.
  • Grease the centre hinges to ensure a smooth rotation of the window
  • Clean around the gutters on the window to ensure a free flow of rainwater around the window

Due to the thorough testing and the quality checking procedures, there are very few claims on our products. If you do experience a problem with the quality of your roof window, please contact the store where you bought the products. They will be able to help you.

Before contacting the store, we recommend that you check through our Frequently Asked Questions as you might find the answer to your problem there.


Cleaning & maintenance

The blinds do not need regular maintenance. All you need to do is to clean the blinds with a damp cloth when you see a need.


Due to the thorough testing and the quality checking procedures, there are very few claims on our products. If you do experience a problem with the quality of your blinds, please contact you point of purchase possibly with a photo about the problem. There is a two year guarantee on the blinds.



We recommend that you periodically clean the gutter and the area around the roller.


You do not need a regular service on your roller shutter to keep it working. Just use common sense and it will serve you for many years.


Due to the thorough testing and the quality checking procedures there are very few claims on our products. If you do experience a problem with the quality of your roller shutter please contact your point of purchase possibly with a photo about your problem. There is a ten year guaranty on the roller shutter.



You can clean the motor, the control unit and the switch with a damp cloth using normal detergents.


There is not much maintenance needed on your electrical opener. We only recommend that you grease the chain once a year to increase durability and keep the chain running smoothly.


Due to the thorough testing and the quality checking procedures there are very few claims on our products. If you do experience a problem with the quality of your electrical opener please contact your point of purchase possibly with a photo about your problem. There is a two year guaranty on the electrical opener.

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